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Despite looking charming and quiet, the garden of the 75th Gnom street is in fact the battleground of different dwarf gangs! Burglaries, stolen goods sales is their daily life, unknown to the owner of the place. But after years and years of greed, the dwarfs turned one against a nother. the goal: finding the loot of the opposing gangs.
Choose your side and prepare to fight! At the end of the day, only one will remain at the 75th Gnom Street

Game content :

- 60 cards (88x63mm)
- 1 Board (430x340mm) => Once fold: 170x210mm
- 1 Punchboard (230x155mm) for 37 tokens
- 12 plastic figurines (44x35.7mm) - 4 different dwarfs * 3
- 1 Paperpad with 100 pages (Detachable sheets)
- 1 box (260x260x80mm)
- Plastic-Tray : specific thermoformed cavities
- 1 Rules book (20 pages)

Manufactured: ANKAMA
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 8 cm
Nº of players: 2-4
Duration: 30
Minimun age: 10
Language: Spanish
Author: Pasquéoz, Mr.Nâwâk


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