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Standard Box of 6 units.
Stellium is a placement/positioning game designed for 2 to 4 players aged 10 and over.
Each player becomes an architect of the universe just after its creation, who must fight with other players for the right to “build” outer space.
Players take turns placing different astral bodies (4 different types) on the board, each type of astral body has a particular effect on the universe.
Planets: when you place a planet on the board you can switch another planet with an adjacent star
Comets: allow you to move into another astral body’s place by pushing the other astral body away
(and everything situated behind it in the same row)
Stars: allow you to rotate the galaxy that they are placed in
Supernovas: can activate a black hole that will attract an adjacent astral body
Each player is also given astral body tokens (“influence” tokens) that allow each player to play an astral body with the influence of another astral body one time in the game.
Each astral body has a different texture, so you can try and pick the one you want by touch (with varying degrees of success!).
To win the game, players try and create various alignments (objectives) which they drew from the cards on previous turns. Each objective accomplished earns players a certain number of victory points (stelliums).
The first player to reach the victory points limit (based on the number of players) wins the game.
Manufacturer: ANKAMA
Nº of players: 2-4
Duration: 30
Minimun age: 10
Language: spanish


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