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Krosmaster Arena is the first board game Krosmaster range strategy, fully compatible with Krosmaster Wakfu and Dofus Krosmaster!
* Create a team of four warriors and fight on the board of a tactical game and interactive!
* Challenge your opponent and hit tactical and bitter clashes where advance analysis and change everything. Will you know to stay one step ahead?
* Assists in official tournaments and become the greatest quarterback Krosmoz!

Includes: * All universe of DOFUS in one box!
* 8 figures Dofus Krosmaster (two of them exclusive), together with its associated card features.
* 2 sands of play.
* 20 sets mountable.
* 8 special dices.
* Over 200 game pieces.
* A unique system with which you can play differents games and where unpredictable game changes happen one after another. Lovers of strong sensations it can not lose!
Manufacturer: Ankama
Nº of players: 2 to 4
Minimun age: 12


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