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DROPSHIPPING Distribution Service

DROPSHIPPING Distribution Service

Dropshipping is to send orders directly to your end customer anonymously.

Last Level offer ship orders from retailers to the address you specify, for example for those stores that don’t want to store products or want to send directly their customers by courier from our warehouse, with rates inexpensive and excellent service by NACEX 24 hours. Servicio dropshipping distribuciones

Method of work

To use this service need to be active, by contacting one of our sales assistant (by email and phone). From that time you can create orders specifying delivery address different from your customer file (if you check the box dropshipping) or normal process orders that will be sent to your store or warehouse as usual (if not mark).

Your customer will receive the packet without any delivery note or sheet inside, completely anonymously.

Create an online store with Last Level Distribuciones

To create a store with automatic synchronization with our database and fully operational in a few days, please click this link for more information.