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This is not a standalone game. It’s necessary to own ONUS! Rome vs Carthage base game in order to play this expansion, since it only includes cards for the new units and additional tokens. Rules from the basic game still apply to this expansion.
With this expansion you will be able to re-visit battles from the Persian Wars (499-449 B.C.), such as the Greeks against Persians in the Battle of Marathon, or the epic Battle of the Thermopylae with Spartans versus the enormous Persian army led by King Xerxes.
It will also allow you to test out battles from other conflicts between the Greek city-states like the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.) between Athenians and Spartans, along with the involvement of Mercenaries and other Allies.
Finally, this expansion contains all the components needed to play fictional battles between these factions and Romans and Carthaginians, or even with Iberians from the Ancient Era, or set a battle of an alliance of Greek city-states invading Persia, using Alexander the Great’s tactics…
This expansion includes:
• This manual.
• 9 General cards:
. Spartans: Leonidas, Lysander and Agesilaus II.
. Athenians: Themistocles and Demosthenes.
. Persians: Xerxes, Mardonius and Darius III.
. Greek Mercenaries: Epaminondas of Thebes.
• 8 General tokens: 2 Spartans, 2 Athenians, 2 Persians and 2 Greek Mercenaries.
• 4 Rhomboid formation tokens.
• 4 Bravery skill blue tokens.
• 95 unit cards: 38 Persians, 17 Spartans, 18 Athenians and 22 Greek mercenaries.

Manufactured: DRACO IDEAS
Language: Spanish


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